Share a lock
Learn how to share a lock.
Locks are great tools to show your community the seriousness of your project. We encourage you to share them as much as possible.

Share lock details

When you click on the "extend" icon and the lock details window opens, the URL automatically changes to have a direct link to the lock details.
Copy the URL to directly access the detail
  ➑️ You can directly copy and share this URL with your community.

Share lock certificate

Info: Coming soon...

Share your token locks

If you have many locks, it is easier to directly share your token page. From this one, anyone can view all your token's locks at a glance.
To go to your token page, click on your token logo in the list of locks or in the details of a lock.
Copy the URL of your token page
The locks no longer hold any secrets for you. If despite these guides you still have questions, do not hesitate to speak with us on our Telegram group.
Last modified 1mo ago