Create a lock
Learn how to create a lock.
Tips: Connect your wallet to the dApp before you start following this guide.
The first thing to do is to go to the lock creation page. To do this, "New Token Lock" buttons are available in various places on our dApp. Take for example the one on the home page in the "Latest Token Locks" section:
Press "New Token Lock"
Once on the page, enter the address of the token for which you want to create a lock:
Enter the token address
We will now configure your lock. Start by entering the total amount of your lock, then distribute it among the different recipients of your lock:
Warning: Your lock can contain from 1 to 40 recipients.
Configure amounts and recipients
Decide how you would like your tokens to be unlocked. You have the choice between the option "On a date" or "Linearly over time":
  • On a date: All tokens are unlocked on a specific date for all recipients.
  • Linearly over time: Tokens are unlocked linearly between two dates for all recipients.
Once your choice is made, configure the desired date(s):
Configure the unlock method and date(s)

What is a revocable lock?

If you have chosen the "Linearly over time" option, you can make your lock revocable. This means that you (the creator of the lock) will be able to "cancel" it at any time.
When you revoke a lock, tokens unlocked but not claimed by their recipients are allocated to these same recipients in the form of a refund that they can recover at any time.
Tokens that have not yet been unlocked are attributed to the creator of the lock (the initiator) also in the form of a refund that he can recover at any time.
Danger: This option is only recommended in very rare cases such as community vesting because recipients are not sure to fully receive their tokens.

You're almost there!

Now all you have to do is decide whether you want to pay for the creation of your lock in LKT or as a percentage of the token that you are going to lock.
Tips: Paying in LKT is 99% of the time very much cheaper.
Your lock is now configured. Approve the tokens and once done, click on "Lock".
Wait for the transaction to be confirmed
Once the transaction is mined, your lock is created !
Your lock has been created successfully
Find out now how to manage or share your lock:
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